Laredo Waits
On my way through Johnson County,
I pass an all night diner sign or 2,
Every mile's closer to Laredo,
And as the sun comes up I think of you.
Wichita never ends,
Kansas goes on for miles and miles and miles.
Wichita never ends
and Laredo waits.
All these years, I've seen it coming, I've been
away too long, I've wasted time.
And Now he says, he's tired of waiting, so I
gotta hurry 'cross that Texas line.
At Becky's place advice is free and,
the coffe's Hot, the breakfast cheap and good,
So when she says, girl you need some sleep,
I say I know and man I wish I could.
Gotta keep this Freight Shaker rollin,
running empy and Log book's empty too.
Gotta make up all the time I've wasted,
Cause I need my arms wrapped around you

That Oklahoma sign’s sure pretty,
though I can't see much at 3 AM
But I've seen those white lines fly behind me,
I just can't wait to catch that Texas wind.
Father your word says, That I can take
your yoke. Father I believe
In everything they wrote. Father I know
that you’re all I’ll ever need
Father this is why I’m down upon my
Singin Daddy, Daddy, Daddy
Take control
Daddy, Daddy, Daddy,
Take it all

Father I believe You are the great I
AM. Father I believe You’re standing
where I stand. Father I give you,
everything that I own So that one day, I
can stand before your throne
Hey my God, my Dad I hear my Savior’
s call. He’s my Rock, my Christ,
His love invades my soul, He’s my all in

Father as I stand here Looking to the
sky  With my arms outstretched
As open and as high Father I know life
with you it is my choice, this is why I
chose To listen to your voice.
Made in America
Susie Johnson runs the “24 diner”  On a highway east of
San Antone. She’s making minimum wage
But she’s got her life together In that trailer where she lives
alone. She’s got a pocket full of tips
And Jesus in her heart And that’s all that Susie ever needs
Cause she’s made in America
She don’t hate her America
She loves God and America

Jimmy Huck is drivin 18 wheels For a company out of
Jacksonville.  He’s haulin heavy 4 weeks out of 4
And off at Christmas every other year
But he’s got another load And Jesus in his heart
And that’s all that Jimmy ever needs
With every opportunity
And the God that made them free
Everything is possible

Becky Carter teaches second grade
While her husband runs the VFD
They’re getting by on a teacher’s pay
And provision from the One they seek
But she’s got a lovin man and Jesus in her heart
And that’s all that Becky ever needs
Cause she’s made in America
Susie Johnson bought the “24 Diner” on
a highway east of San Antone
Colorado Line
The sun's coming up on the Colorado
Line, She's running here and there and
everywhere to find.
The sun's coming up on the Colorado
Line, she wants to make the choice to
leave it all behind.
She's tired of being there, that factory
doesn't care about her heart.  She's
worn out from the mess, she wants
some happiness to fill her up.
She's thinking Tennessee, sure
sounding good to me, but I don't
know.  Because she's making do, with
what she's gotta do, she's getting by.
The sun's coming up on the Colorado
She starts to think again, bout going
back to him, but each day is hard, she
has her doubts.
she's tried to make her life, but just
can't get it right, she knows the
TRUTH.  She finally lays it down and
puts away her crown and gives it up.
By the river
As she screams at him, she turns and slams
the door,
Like she’s done a hundred times or maybe
At that time he feels his heart begin to break
He don’t know what to do
So he begins to pray
And he says,
Jesus please meet me by the river,
Jesus I need you by the river,
I don’t know just what more I can give her
I need you now,
As she’s tip toeing, she’s sneaking in again
And as usual it’s 2 or 3 AM
At that time, he feels his heart begin to break
She thinks he’s sleepin, but he’s lying there
Jesus remember when we sat there by that
You said those words that comfort me,
Hey man, I had your back
As he drives at night a long and empty road,
He starts to think about his daughter’s heart of
At that time he feels the tears begin to fall,  
Because his only dream is that she has it all.
I met a Man
I met a man at a truck stop near Monroe
Up towards highway 41, And when this man
offered to assist, I turned a skeptical one.
Then when this man said, “mam, you need some
help?” I simply said, “I’m doing fine”.
But suddenly, I’m a damsel in distress
And his words aint just a line
Oh this man, he intrigued me, Oh this man he
intrigued me, Cause something about him,
seemed to be Not of this world…..

So when this man said, “mam, you’re looking lost,
can I help you find the way?” I said “Please”, but
didn’t realize He wasn’t talking interstate.
This man he seemed just like a shooting star,
Came walking out of nowhere, But I think he’s
here for much more than my car, He’s here to
lead me back to somewhere

I said, “sir, where did you get that smile
And that sparkle in your eyes” He said, “Mam, I
got it in one place Straight from my savior Jesus

I said “sir, I want just what you got You think He
has enough for me” He said “mam, just ask Him in
your heart And you’ll be walking with the King”
Amazing Grace
Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound,
That saved a wretch like me.
I once was lost, but now I am found,
was blind, but now I see
27 on 27

27 on 27 left to go
This old highway
Is my only friend tonight
27 more miles ‘long this empty road
Till I’m on my way back home

Passin through Cheyenne I saw
An old broken down red barn
Brought me back to October 85
When we bought your daddy’s farm
Has it really been that bad
To throw away all that we have
Is apart the direction we should go
To give up would be so sad

This old road has taught me well that,
Sharper curves demand more grace,
And at night, when things seem
Drive by Faith

So if you need a little time
To make up your heart and mind
I’ve got lots of highway left to roll on
Till I reach the Tucson line
How I miss that Tucson line
Waiting on the Son

It might seem to you
It’s over and you’ve won
But I’ve got something more to say
So devil you can bring on everything you got
Cause I’m born of the One who saves
So I’m not moving
Not leaving
My ground I am keeping
I’m gonna sit here till He comes
I’m not moving, not leaving
I’m steadfast believing
Cause it might be midnight, but I’m waitin on the
My Daddy’s coming here to rescue me
In all of his righteousness
His glory will be magnified in me.

Sometimes it feels as though
I’m drowning in the storm
Cause I can’t seem to find my Hope
But then I realize, you’ve snuck on in again
Cause he’s here sleeping in my boat.

Though it feels sometimes I’m on a desert isle
All alone and sittin still
Then I see Him flyin over in the sky
And I know that’s it’s His will
For now He don’t stop, but I know He marked
my spot

devil, I know that you have a job to do
But so do I and that’s a fact
So you can do your best
To get me off my course
But the Shepherd leads me back