By Now….
By now he’s heading up that highway
He’s runnin hard and kickin dust
He’s got that window down, and the radio turned up

By now he’s pullin into Cordell
He’ll sleep tight at the Domino
He’ll let that motor idle all night, sweet and slow
He’s may not know it
But he’s always on my mind
He’s in my head and in my heart
He’s got a million things to do and so have I.
But in this crazy world he’s mine.
By now she’s on I-35
She knows her boss is never late
She’s gotta be on time
That meeting just won’t wait
She’s my real live beauty queen
He’s my rodeo cowboy
I love him like an old movie scene
He’s a love sick little boy
By now he’s pushin through Tacoma
He’s headed south to Monterey
By now she’s on her knees
Tonight, I hear her pray
Alright Angels, time to dispatch
There’s ice ahead of that truck
Bout a mile up the road
Ya’ll get around him now,
Keep him steady
Keep him straight
And hey, there’s a dear and her fawn
Crossing around the bend
Ya’ll skoot em into the woods so nobody gets hurt
Somebody head over to I-35
That fella in the porche is on his cell phone
He’s not paying attention
He’s about to cross the line
So get her attention, we need her at that meeting
Running through New Mexico,
I stop in Santa Fe
Only to be looked upon in condescending ways
But to that I say,  I live the blessings
Chorus 1
Oh my heart, is with this highway
And my freedom’s 18 wheels
And that Navaho moon glows sweeter than anything
that they could say
I’ll thank you Lord and roll on… more day
Headin towards that western coast
I’ll drop in Riverside
Still believing more than most
My dream will never die
Cause along this ride, I live the blessings
Chorus 2
Oh my heart, is with this highway
And my freedom’s 18 wheels
That California redwood’s taller than
Than anything that  they could say
I’ll thank you Lord and roll on… more day
I’ve got this feeling I get, when I’m on this highway
And I’m where I belong with the wind in my face
And I thank you Jesus for the narrow pathway you put
me on
I’m drivin on
Pushin hard, up north I go
New England, Gloucester Mass
Taking in and thanking Him
For the beauty that I pass
never have to ask
I live the blessings
Chorus 3
Oh my heart, is with this highway
And my freedom’s 18 wheels
And the color of the leaves goes deeper
Than anything that they could say
I’ll thank you Lord and roll on… more day
That Carolina sun shines brighter than
That Mississippi river runs wider than
Beverly makes five eighty five an hour
To stand behind that register
And dream her life away
But Beverly’s thankful she can take a shower
In her own bathroom
of her two bedroom, single wide acre estate.
Cause she’s the richest girl
This side of a Western Star
Always there with a big old smile
No matter who you are
She never worries about, just where her life is headed to
Cause when Jesus drives
She enjoys the ride
Beverly’s got a voice to rival Reba
And wants someday to be high on
That Grand Ol Opry Stage
But for today, she’s happy just to see ya
When you walk into that truckstop
Where she’s makin change all day
When alone she stops to pray
Thank you Daddy for this day.
Another one you graciously given me.
Thank you Daddy for this job
And for the voice I got
To sing for You is all I need
Beverly’s heard so many times
“why don’t ya”
leave this one horse town,
pack up and head for Tennessee
but Beverly says it’s not just my decision
Cause I don’t want what He don’t want
Me and Jesus gotta see
More than Me

You called me from a truck stop
Down in Northwest alabam, you said you’d be near
Arkansas by noon
And in my arms, safe by the time the twilight hit the
sand, but now I hear those plans have fallen

Cause you fell into the arms of someone who loves
you more than me
Someone who’s waited patiently as hard as that
can be
And loved you longer than I think, that I could even
Your  new love, deserves you more than me

I never thought I’d see the day, when you would
say goodbye
Though I guess I saw it, coming for a while
Cause I suspected all along, someone had caught
your eye
And this confirms what I already know


By now you’re driving on that highway and that
Leads to streets of gold, when you were traveling,
headin my way
All the signs say, exit San Antone

Now I sit here by the phone, knowing you won’t call
But still I see you standing in my dreams
“There must have been a reason”
Is what I’m so often told
And I believe this truth whole heartedly


He’s in Northeast Nebraska, stranded on 185,
headed south to Mobile
But that load won’t be on-time
Seems the road had other plans for him tonight, he’
s stressed and he’s uptight

He’s feeling old and lonely, waiting on the morning
Knowing east of his heart it’s a 100 mile run
But a thousand miles from where he sits tonight, he’
s stressed and he’s uptight

But it’s a good night in Goodnight tonight
Loving on those memories, he holds onto so tight
And as a boy, he realized what made the mornings
Was a good night in Goodnight tonight.

He never had a radio, never had a television
Never had a bicycle to ride through town and all
He always thought it’s what ya know, he always had
a bigger vision
Of a Pete spinning 18 on the open road.  He was
highway bound.

His wheels are finally turning, steady now on 34
Toward a new horizon, the old one’s dead and gone
See, he fell upon his knees, looked up and cried
Lord, make them all Good Nights.

Raining in Texas

She wakes at mid-night on the couch again
After she cried herself to sleep
She dwells a moment on her broken heart
Then she drifts right on back to sleep

Somewhere tonight it’s raining in Texas
Somewhere tonight, it’s raining in Texas again
Somewhere tonight she’ll find a light even as the thunder
Somewhere tonight it’s raining and it’s raining hard

As he rolls on Highway 49 tonight
He thinks of what a fool he’s been
Because she said she’s finally moving on
So now the pain belongs to him


It’s raining hard, so hard the storms are rollin in
But who’s that standing on the waves
Jesus, I give my life, just take this pain tonight
This life is more than I can take

Her phone rings early, ‘fore the sun is up
It’s a voice she don’t recognize
He says, my name is officer Ben Jones
I’ve got bad news for you tonight

Trucker on Her Mind

She lived in Abilene
That’s where she went to school
And where her Mama did not raise
Nobody’s fool
But when those bright lights
Of Oklahoma city called her name
She went a runnin just the same

The year was 59
The day she moved away
With no one there to wipe
Her mama’s tears away
And her mama’d hurt so many times
With a trucker on her mind

In 1962, she met a man out there
He was just passin through
He had that trucker’s stare
And though she was a waitress there
She played a bigger part
She took his order, then his heart

And as those years passed by
Her Mama soon realized
That the man who loved her only little girl
Had been her rock

In 1981 the year her Mama died
He had just hooked his load
When he heard from his wife
She said, you are the one that
Mama wants to wipe her tears
He turned and put that truck in gear

And at that moment when
Her Mama left this world
She thought about how much
He loves her little girl
And she was content to close her eyes
With a trucker on her mind
Temperatures are Fallin

Temperatures are fallin, October is here,
The leaves have started changing, though you’
re not here
But this is when my heart breaks, this very time
of year
as temperatures are fallin, and you’re not here

Every store is bustling, as the holidays draw
And folks, they seem to glisten with holiday
But Tennessee seems colder, than usual these
As temperatures are fallin, and you’re not here

I hope you’re doing fine, me, I’m not doin so fine

My mind, it often wonders, just what you’re
thinking Dear.
As temperatures are fallin, do you think of here
I hear the weather down in Tucson is sunny,
mild and clear
As temperatures are fallin and you’re not here
Hollywood 1939

Hello Hollywood, Hello 1939
When entertainment stood, for some wholesome
family time
Garbo, and Stanwyck and McMurry, how they
Back in the day 1939

Hello Radio, Hello listeners wonderin how that ol’
shadow knows
Who’s on first and Gracie wows
Remember gatherin’ round the Philco Friday
Back in the day 1945

Once in a while, I miss the old days, but everyday
I wonder why
Why we let you down, and why we pushed you
out and why you let us still survive

Hello neighborhoods, Hello backyard bar b-ques
When every kid would play, outside all afternoon
Just 10 more minutes Mom, I’ll be in really soon
Back in the day 1952

I know we’ve turned away, but Lord if it’s alright
Please bless America tonight.
Roll that Rig

When I was 18, I was flying fast in my Daddy’s chevy
When I hit 21, I thought I had it all, but I knew I really
wanted to

Roll that rig, roll that rig
Push that load another 100 miles
Roll that rig, roll that rig, push that load another 100 miles

When I was 35, I met old Eddie Sands, he was shedding
tears and hauling mail
He said I miss my wife, I don’t want to drive
I said, man, this ain’t no time to bail.


As I watch my life roll by, on this interstate that I call home
I thought I had my heart’s desire, but I found out soon,
that I was wrong

When I was 41, my heart was all alone
I was dropping cars in Baton Rouge
I said Jesus, I just know my life ain’t right
He said, scoot on over, give me room

Memphis to Baton Rouge

Twenty seven years out on this road
Captured my heart and warmed my soul,
With every mile that I roll, I see your love
You let me know

Memphis to Baton Rouge
Diesel sings low and smooth
Moonlight shines on, as these white lines move
Memphis to Baton Rouge

Soon I’ll be west, to San Jose
Then maybe back to Tampa Bay
I’d love to see my mom and say
I miss you, momma everyday


As I see a Diner shining up the road
I pull into that parking lot
And as I climb down, from the dark in the moonlight
And my feet hit that black top
Then I know, then I know, I’m on top
I love my life….

This highway is my one desire
Though Lord, you know my heart’s on fire
For You and all that You require
But I’m thankful that you let me drive

Ponchatoula Rain

It was late December, back in 1975
I was northbound haulin quite a load
When I jack-knifed in a storm on 55
And by the cop, what I was told was

Oh that Ponchatoula Rain
Oh that Ponchatoula Rain
It’s fallin steady, as a Kansas City train,
That’s so cold Ponchatoula Rain.

Then 5 years later, seems I found myself again
In this sleepy southern town
This time lying in the bunk of my new rig
Drifting softly by the sound of


Oh everybody knows, that with every storm,
always comes the pain
But I have come to know, that the love of God
Always, falls with the rain

It’s 1 A.M. I’m haulin berries front to back
Then I’m red-eye for the coast
But I said Mister, what’s the secret to your crop,
He grinned and whispered, don’t ya know

By Grace

Music: Mike Alex
Lyrics: Caroline Krieger-Petkevicius

Here I am alone again,
Wanting real love from a friend.
God I see the things you’ve made and I
Know that you’ve got to be there

As I look to all you’ve made
I’m in awe, I stand amazed
Everything I see, so perfect
I know that you’ve got to be there.

I want to know who you are in this world
Jesus show me your face.
I want to feel your heart beating in mine
Jesus, I need you by grace.

God you said, I’ve no excuse
For denying you the truth
So I’m here right now, upon my knees
Asking you Lord to be mine.


I give to you my life,
Lord make me right within your sight

Thank You Fairy

Oh Dad, I’m the thank you Fairy
Spreading lots of love around this world
I know you’re thinking our time is through
But Dad we got us so much to do, so…
The Thank You Fairy, says thank you Daddy

I know I had a short life of 19 years
But now it’s time to dry up all our tears
We’ve got a job to do, it starts with me and you
So come on Dad, let’s put this thing in gear

(The story…..)