How to Pick a Church?

Now that you’ve surrendered your life to Jesus Christ, “ are a new creature… old things have passed
away, all things have become new”….2Cor 5:17

One of the very first things you need to do is get connected to a Church.  Church is critical to our life as
Christians.  I like to compare it to a truck stop for truckers.  Without a truck stop, truckers cannot survive.  
They need to re-fuel, get a bite to eat, shower, do laundry, fellowship, sleep, and it is all available at the
truck stop.  The reality is that they don’t make a living at the truck stop, they have to be on the road,
moving freight to make any money…

The same can be said for Church.  As Christians, we need to come together for fellowship, to share and
study the word, encourage one another, and help build each other’s walk…. But we are called to get out
of the Church and spread the Good News of Christ to the lost.  What that means is telling people about
what God has done in your life, in your style, the way you want…. But you gotta tell it to strangers.  

The decision to join a Church is critical, especially in the early days of your Christian walk… The fact is
that there are many “impostors” out there claiming to be a “church”, but in reality, they are nothing more
than a Cash-Flow-Organization using Jesus Christ as their main product.  If you get caught up in one of
these fakes, you will eventually see the truth and get hurt by what they tried to con you into… along with
a bunch of money they will “guilt” you out of.

To get started on the right foot, here’s some questions for you to ask, and Things to do in evaluating
your future Church Home.  Don’t be afraid to look for the answers to all of these questions… If the Pastor,
or anyone in the Church squirms when you ask these questions…. Run as fast as you can… that is the
tell-tale sign that it is not a church, but a cash-flow-organization.

Finding your Home Church
1.        It needs to be Bible Based, Holy Spirit filled Church
2.        Visit 5 times before making any decision to begin becoming a member
3.        Sit in the back of the church and see how many people greet you.  If the Pastor doesn’t visit           
the back of the Church, that is a bad sign
4.        What does the church sell? If anything related to God, take note and be very cautious.  If they are
selling their sermon tapes, music, charging for conferences, retreats, camps etc… beware, sounds more
like a cash-flow-organization than a church.  Everything that God has for you is Free, and if God wants it
done, he will find the revenue to make it happen.  
5.        What are they giving away Free?
6.        How much time do they talk about money in the service?
7.        Request a meeting with the Pastor, privately.
a.        How long did it take to get the meeting – if more than a week, he is too busy to pastor you.
b.        Ask him directly how much money he makes.. if you choke on the number, leave and don’t
contribute to his wealth creation
c.        Ask to see the Church financials as submitted to the IRS.
d.        Ask the pastor to recite the 10 commandments…in order… if he can’t immediately, that is a big
8.        How does the Church serve the poor?
9.        What is the process for becoming a member?
10.        What is their mission statement?
11.         How do you get kicked out of the church?
12.        Do they preach Hell as a consequence for denying God? If so, ask for the tape of that sermon
and listen for yourself.. Most preachers won’t preach on hell because it makes people uncomfortable and
they don’t want to hear it.  Hell is a reality and if they don’t preach the word of God, the complete word of
God, you’re not going to get what you need from them.
13.        What do they expect from their members?

If you make a point of going through all of these questions and issues before making your decision to
“join” a church, you will go into it with your eyes wide open… There are no perfect churches out there,
they are all made up of humans and we have faults…  

Keep one thing in mind at all times…. Don’t believe anything that any man ever tells you about God….
Listen… and then go and study the bible for yourself to find the truth.  That way, God will show you what
the truth is and you won’t be dependent on any man or woman for what God needs you to know.

I hope this helps, and I pray that your search for a church home is blessed and fruitful.

Be blessed always and in all ways,


email me if you have any questions or I can help clarify anything for you.

Be blessed always and in all ways!