our email address is jeff@yokeup.net
Decals 6" x 6" for your
trailer and vehicles.  Let
everyone know you
love BBQ and You love
Jesus.  Hit the "Donate"
button below and send
$4 per decal you want
which covers cost, and
it also
represents the 4 people
who are always on your
team (God the Father,
Jesus Christ, the Holy
Spirit and YOU)
Be sure
to indicate in the notes
that you want decals
We invite you to
Join our group on
Nothing fancy, just a great overview of
what is involved in getting started with
Professional BBQ.  Great to have in
your hands, or for somebody you know
who is thinking about getting started in
competition BBQ.  Easy to get, just
click the donate button and send us
$19 or more :) and I'll get a copy to
you right away.  The books cost $10 to
have printed and bound at Kinkos,
postage is $3.10 and the rest helps our
ministry. Any money we make goes
right back to the ministry to support
BBQ competitions with the Give it to
God team, and Caroline's music... so if
you have a million dollars lying
around... well, just saying :)  God bless